• "We help people take control of their own health, so they can be energized, radiant, and happy again."


    1671 Hoffman Road

    Green Bay Wisconsin


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    “Dr. Kelly takes people on a Journey to find themselves & their health again”

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    • Restorative Medicine: help the body heal itself
    • Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid shadowsockr安卓版设置: feel GREAT on the lowest amount of medication or none at all
    • Increasing energy & improved sleep: removing the triggers that zap your energy daily & prevent sleep
    • Weight Loss: no starvation methods or fad diets: lifestyle change and removing barriers to weight loss are key
    • Digestive issues: heart burn, diarrhea or constipation. The gut is key to health
    • Hormone Imbalance: hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, peri-menopause resolution
    • Autoimmune Conditions: calm and restore function of the immune system

    Helping you find you again. Achieving your goals with one-on-one attention and focus.

    No generic protocols and no testing that you don't need.  Completely individual care.


    Work with Dr. Kelly

    Holistic Health & Restorative Medicine

    Nurse Practitioner

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    • When you are looking for some results...........
    • When you are tired of being sick and tired..........

    And you can no longer keep doing the same thing over and over again because you still feel miserable. I feel your pain.

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    New Patient - Click Here

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    Building trusted relationships, taking time to listen, showing compassion, and helping you learn to love you again


    25 years of extensive experience, Doctor of Nurse Practice, Functional Medicine Certified, Nutrition Certified, Thyroid Certified, and Balancing Hormone Trained

    In-Depth Lab Reports

    Blood Work orders and special testing kits can measure values in the blood, urine, sputum and/ or stool. Results are always available in your account

    A Focus on

    Holistic health care focuses on the whole person. It's time to find the reasons 


    It is easy & convenient to work with Dr. Kelly!

    Consultations can be performed online with a secure telemedicine platform or you can have an in-person consult at the Discovery Health Healing Center.


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    2. Watch for an email with instructions for your Discovery Health Patient Portal. 
    3. Complete your questionnaire and medical history (new patients).
    4. Be ready for your appointment. Remember, this is done by VIDEO CONFERENCE CALL.
    Start Today


    For years I have struggled with losing weight-NOTHING worked-I tried everything weight loss program and numerous exercise programs. 

    I have suffered from allergies my whole life. In 2016 I started to suffer from sinus infections. 

    I was sick for many years before I met Dr. Kelly. My life was not much of a life lets just say.

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